According To Trump We Are WAY Overpaying For Drugs And We Don’t Mean Rx (TWEETS/VIDEO)

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During one of President Trump’s most recent press conferences he went on and on…and on…and on… about how terrible the media is for telling the stories he doesn’t want the public to know.

But in a small reprieve from being blasted we were also lectured on the drug epidemic that Trump acts like is a new thing here in America. However, what he did say that the public was completely blown away with was:

We’re becoming a drug-infested nation. Drugs are becoming cheaper than candy bars.

Okay so, wait, you mean to tell me drugs are like a couple bucks right now? Where the hell is Trump buying his drugs because we can assure you everyone else is getting ripped off.

After this statement Twitter erupted. Everyone wants to know the same answer to the same question…where are these cheaper than candy bar drugs and why is Trump holding out?

Seriously, though, if drugs are going for that cheap on the streets nowadays no wonder there is an influx. On one hand, demand must be through the roof, while on the other hand these “Mexican Drug Lords,” gotta be pushing this stuff to even make enough to warrant their jump back over Trump’s wall.

Oh wait…drugs aren’t coming from there. Now when he builds the wall the drug prices are going to go up to the cost of  a bag of chips. #ThanksTrump

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