50th Anniversary Of ‘Summer Of Love’ Party Denied A Permit (VIDEO)

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On January 14, 1967, a group of hippies in San Francisco, California gathered at the Golden Gate Park for a rally called the Human Be-In. The event featured concerts from bands such as Jefferson Airplane, the Grateful Dead, and more.

This year, a group tried to schedule a 50th-anniversary concert to pay tribute to that event. However, the city of San Francisco denied the permit for it.

The city’s department of recreation and parks wrote:

“The Summer of Love was an incredible moment in our city’s history and its message of peace and love is more important than ever. We cannot put the public at risk and grant a permit for your proposed event.”

The city was concerned with safety and traffic.

Organizer Boots Hughston said:

“The whole thing about the 50th anniversary is that we are marking our generation and what our generation accomplished. We impeached presidents. We started all these movements: the environmental movement, the free speech movement, the feminist movement.”

“It’s because the whole generation woke up and realized that there was more to life than just working every day and spending your whole life sitting at a desk.”

Let’s hope we can find some other way to celebrate this event.

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