Atlanta Zoo Loses A Bet And Names This Creepy Creature After Tom Brady

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Atlanta Zoo has shown that they have more than a slight dislike of Tom Brady and the Patriots after losing a bet with Providence Zoo, Roger Williams Park Zoo, and Carousel Village.

The four different animal sanctuaries made a simple Super Bowl bet where the loser would have to name one of their residents after the quarterback of the winning team. With all the animals that Atlanta Zoo has to offer, after losing the bet against the Patriots, you would expect to see a cute bear, a spunky monkey, or even a vibrant bird strutting around with it’s new Tom Brady name tag.

You are so very wrong.

After a not so long consideration, the Atlanta Zoo came forward with the proud new winner of the quarterback’s namesake. And the winner is…

A baby Madagascar hissing cockroach. Little baby cockroach Tom Brady is now the hilarious result of a Super Bowl bet gone wrong. Well, at least when you go to the zoo you will feel okay about at least one of the inhabitants being locked away behind glass.

I wonder if we could entice Brady for a photo op? This wouldn’t happen to be one of the insects that bore into people’s brains would it?

Just curious.

Featured image via Red Bubble.

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