Man Dressed As Hitler Arrested In Austria (VIDEO)

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A 25 year old man calling himself Harald Hitler has been arrested in Austria. It has been against the law to glorify Hitler or the Nazi era in Germany and Austria since 1947.

Police have said they arrested the man at Braunau in front of the birthplace of Adolf Hitler. The man known as the ‘Hitler double’ has a real name of Harald Zenz and was dressed as the 1930s dictator of Germany.

Harald has the distinctive moustache, the same hairstyle and even wears a military outfit. The Police have said he

…knows exactly what he is doing.

The Independent newspaper has also said that a representative of the Ried Prosecutor’s office has also explained why it should be a punishable offense:

If I dress as Hitler and pose outside his birthplace, I am reviving this nationalist ideology.

This ideology proved fatal. The original Hitler was responsible for the devastation of Europe in World War II. The extermination of 6 million Jews, and other minorities, and this was all due to this man’s racist ideology. There is currently a deep fear in the world that the far right could repeat the horrible mistakes of the past.

Germany has recently responded to the devastating war in Syria by accepting up to one million Syrian refugees. However, this generosity is not being shared by all German citizens. There has been a rise in anti-Muslim sentiment in Germany and Harald Zenz is said to have been seen at one of these anti-refugee rallies.

It is deeply disturbing that again we are seeing a world with such huge divisions and intolerance. Even more disturbing is the thought that a man who caused so much devastation to the world could be glorified by anyone.

According to Reuters, locals have reported seeing and meeting ‘Harald Hitler’ as that is how he introduces himself in bars.

The last thing this world needs is to vote in populist leaders who could advocate the same horrific genocide that Adolf Hitler once did.

Sadly it seems racism is becoming a common knee-jerk reaction to Islamic extremism.

The current political climate is a test and we must pass it for the sake of humanity.

Watch a report on the arrest here:

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