Leslie Jones Is Our New Hero With Her Rendition Of Trump (VIDEO)

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The amazingly hilarious actress and comedian, Leslie Jones recently did an SNL clip where she expressed her want to play the coveted role of our idiot president, Donald Trump. Alec Baldwin has hit a home run every time he gets up and speaks as Trump.

In the skit Jones speaks directly to the camera about wanting the part. You follow her around the studio and watch as she practices the moves and speech while watching Trump speeches, and then comes out in a blonde wig with blonde eyebrows. Jones practices stating:

Huge. Huge. Drain the swap of tremendous Muslims.

She eerily resembles the head cheeto in charge with her tailored made suit. Ultimately she does not get the part but don’t worry the video ends in true Jones style with a lot of yelling and just the right amount of violence. Oh, and a little Melania as well.

SNL seems to be on a roll ever since Trump decided to run for president in 2016. Their ratings have gone through the roof and the definitely have a higher approval rating than the new Agent Orange regime in the White House.

Personally, I think they should give her a shot at it, shake things up in the Twitter world.

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