Johnny Depp Blames Management For $2 Million Monthly Lifestyle

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Actor Johnny Depp has apparently lead a lifestyle that most people dream about. After enjoying dozens of luxury cars and a chain of islands in the Bahamas, he’s suing his former management company for “gross mismanagement and, at times, outright fraud.”

For the past 17 years, The Management Group has taken care of his finances. That included the purchase of 45 luxury cars, spending $30,000 on wine per month, and furnishing 14 homes. At one point, TMG said they even loaned him $5 million to bail him out.

Now Depp is suing TMG, claiming they are the ones responsible for his financial ruin. It’s not his fault that spending $300,000 a month on full-time employees contributed to this mess, which contributed to the $2 million per month expenses.

TMG is fighting back, though. Especially now that he’s refusing to payback their $5 million loan after firing them:

“The only reason Depp filed this lawsuit was to interfere with TMG’s ongoing efforts to be repaid on the loan they had made to bail him out.”

TMG claims they suggested he sell some of his assets before things got out of control, too. Although we can’t blame him for not wanting to part with homes like a 45-acre chateau in southern France. No one should have to settle for just a horse farm and a yacht.

Depp also had to shell out $7 million to his ex-wife, Amber Heard, in their divorce settlement. While he struggles to decide which of his 45 luxury cars to keep, she’s donated all of the money to a children’s hospital.

So as most of Americans pair their dollar store meals with questionable tap water and ask the landlord to wait a week before cashing the rent check, remember that other people have it worse. At least you’re not a celebrity who has to cut back on a five-figure monthly wine budget.

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