Busta Rhymes And A Tribe Called Quest Let Trump Have It Grammy Style (VIDEO)

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Artist Busta Rhymes and musical group A Tribe Called Quest performed a relatively new song at the Grammy awards and it was a direct slap at President Trump.

Most of the awards show seemed to take a quieter approach towards the current political climate than most have recently, that is until A Tribe Called Quest took the stage. Between Busta Rhymes and the group there was chanting “Resist,” there was kicking down walls, and there was definitely a lot of references to Trump as “Agent Orange.”

Though Katy Perry was pretty politically charged with her white pantsuit and armband reading “persist,” in a head nod to the recent Senator Warren controversy, we have to give the award for most blatant show of F U to Rhymes and A Tribe.

By the end of the night, what started as a pretty tame show, turned into a display of loud and proud voices including the daughter of the late Michael Jackson representing the Dakota Access Pipeline before presenting one of the awards.

Check out the video below, and like they said, persist, resist, and stand up for what is right.

Featured image via By Dmileson – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0.

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