Why Does Donald Trump Hate Bumblebees? (VIDEO)

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Environmentalists are alarmed and upset by President Trump’s actions so far.

One of the first things that Trump did after taking the oath of office was to freeze all new regulations for 60 days. That doesn’t sound too ominous, as long as after studying said regulations the necessary ones are actually put into place.

But one of the regulations that was set to take effect was to list the rusty-patched bumblebee on the Endangered Species list.

Sure, you’re thinking. A little old bee. Who cares?

Well. If you eat food, you should care.

The population of the little bee dropped by nearly 90 percent during the 1990’s, a period of time that saw bee populations crash around the world. The little rusty-patched bumblebee used to live throughout the Northeastern U.S. It was one of the best pollinators of crops like cranberries, peaches and other fruits and veggies.

It was a hardworking little link in the food chain, and if it dies out, we’re in trouble.

The problem is that Trump’s comments about the environment and environmental regulations have people very worried. Many fear that the listing of the bee might be permanently stopped.

Rebecca Riley is the senior advisor for the Natural Resources Defense Council. She said:

The Trump administration has put the rusty-patched bumblebee back on the path to extinction. This bee is one of the most critically endangered species in the country and we can save it — but not if the White House stands in the way.”

Scientists are alarmed by the idea of this species becoming extinct. They understand the importance of the work that has been done through the Endangered Species Act.

In fact, 28 species, including the Bald Eagle, have been taken off of the list since 1973 when the Act was first passed. They don’t want to see that important environmental progress rolled back by the new Republican run administration.

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