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Trump And Bannon Hate Speech Rivaling That Of Racist Richard Nixon (VIDEO)

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In the year 2017 we are all quite shocked to hear what has come out of the mouth of President Donald Trump and his associates. A trip down history lane points to another President who also came out with some extremely racist and sexist things.

That’s right, I am talking about President Richard Nixon. These shockers have been recorded, and it is worth noting some similarities with the current climate.

In a number of shocking audio clips, Nixon goes to town offending Jews, the Irish, Italians, African Americans, homosexuals, the list goes on and on.

In this first clip Nixon gives his views on a variety of races. He insults them all. He condescendingly says that “some” black people are smart, but they are inbred.

Nixon then says the Irish are terrible drunks and that they become “mean.”

Speaking on Italians, he says they do not “have their heads screwed on tightly,” Jews he describes  as “aggressive, obnoxious,” and he finished off by saying they need to “compensate” as they have “inferiority complexes.”

Listen here:



The star of the Watergate scandal is also captured speaking about homosexuals in another clip. He claimed television was glorifying homosexuality.

The 37th President then goes on a rant about how communists are pushing the homosexual agenda to destroy society. Nixon then refers to the fall of Greece and Rome being connected to these empires embracing homosexuality. Listen to this clip here:

This tape is reminiscent of a certain Trumpian, Steve Bannon when he was recorded ranting about feminists being dykes. There are many parallels between the blundering nature of Trump and his thoughtless words and those of former president Nixon.

Another clip hears Nixon describing Bohemian Grove a men’s club in San Francisco, one that Nixon himself attended. He refers to the place as ‘faggy’ and displays utmost homophobia by saying he would not shake certain people’s hands because of what goes on there. Listen to this clip here:


The similarities between Nixon talking off the record and Trump’s offensive rhetoric is more than apparent. Nixon’s statements are shocking, but what is more shocking is that we now have another President who also thinks it is OK to generalize about religions, races, and women almost 50 years later.

To quote Trump:


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