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Tom Arnold’s Phone Call From Hillary Days Before The Election (VIDEO)

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New details came to light this week on the Australian third series of I’m A Celebrity Get Me Outta Here when Tom Arnold revealed Hillary Clinton had allegedly begged him to release another offensive Trump tape.

The footage in question is supposed to be outtakes from Trump’s show The Apprentice. It is meant to contain the now President saying even more offensive things than the famous hot-microphone tape that was released before the election.

Tom Arnold (who says he has known the Trumps and the Clintons personally for years) revealed that Hillary Clinton allegedly called him two days before the election, begging him to release the tape.

Arnold confirmed that Trump is racist and sexist and that the clip shows him using the N word.

Arnold has been in the African jungle competing against Australian celebrities in the reality show and was actually the first to be voted off the show. Arnold explained why he did not release the video, he claimed that he could not do it because the people who had sent the footage were under huge confidentiality agreements.

Arnold actually said they were “afraid” of Trump.

He also explained that Hillary had allegedly said the:

…weight of the whole free world is on your shoulders.

She, of course, meant the election result depended on him releasing the tape. Even though he said he wished he could have been a hero, he also did not think it would have made a difference. Trump had already bragged about sexually assaulting women on tape and it seemed to not make a difference to his supporters.

In addition to this revelation, Arnold also called Trump a phoney billionaire as opposed to ‘real’ billionaires he knew. He also opened up about his relationship with Roseanne Barr.

He revealed that Roseanne had a multiple personality disorder and that, out of her many personalities, only two of them liked him.

When asked about his Hillary story on his departure, Arnold told the host of the show that he was not the only person who had viewed footage of the new offensive Trump tape, naming Rob Reiner as another celebrity who had also seen it.

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