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Justin Bieber In New Japanese Commercial (VIDEO)

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Pop star Justin Bieber has been in Japan shooting a commercial. TMZ reported on the pop star’s new venture saying he fully embedded himself in Japanese culture.

In the advert Bieber plays himself and only speaks Japanese. His co-star is a Japanese comic/musician Piko Taro.

In the clip Bieber is wearing a high necked blue suit – very much Japanese inspired. He is promoting Softbank – a phone company.

The ad begins with the young pop star takes a selfie and then marches a group of Japanese school kids into a classroom where he greets Piko Taro and then they holds an apple and pineapple.

This is a reference to a song released by the Japanese star Taro. Last September Bieber shared Taro’s song on Twitter because he found it funny:

Big fan: Justin retweeted a link to Piko Taro's PPAP song last year, describing it as 'the funnies video on the Internet' 

Taro wears leopard print and his music is reminiscent of Red Foo of LMFAO and he seems to fall into the music genre of comic-dance. Taro and Bieber meet in the clip and they obviously have mutual respect and affection for each other.

Taro has another hit called “I like OJ,” yes as in orange juice. In this song he lists a load of other juices that are not his favorite. These simple and bizarre songs about fruit seem to have huge popularity in Japan, and now globally.

Especially since Justin Bieber drew attention to him.

Bieber fans are more than loyal, hence being known as “Beliebers.”

Justin Bieber has had good and bad press in the past, probably because he has had to grow up in the spotlight.

In this latest advert, he looks clean-cut and fresh. This short video that has been released is only a small preview and was released to create anticipation for the entire commercial that will follow.

As for the future, it will be interesting to see if Piko Taro and the Biebs will collaborate musically.

It certainly seems that a strong cross-Pacific friendship has been established.

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