French Man Is Currently Suing Uber For Exposing His Infidelity

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A citizen of the French Fifth Republic is currently suing the ride-sharing app Uber over a supposed technical malfunction. According to UPI, an unnamed resident of the French Riviera is seeking to win a whopping $47 million from the American company.

The reason for this lawsuit? The man claims that the Uber app disclosed his infidelity to his wife. This supposed “glitch” caused their divorce.

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In the lawsuit prepared by the man’s legal team, the story goes that the man ordered an Uber while using his wife’s iPhone. The man then logged out of his account and returned the phone.

However, the man claims that his wife’s phone continued receiving updates from Uber. Given that these notifications disclosed the man’s frequent pick-ups and drop-offs, his wife quickly figured out that her soon-to-be ex-husband was using Uber to meet his mistress.

Other users utilizing pre-2015 iOS iPhone software have reported experiencing similar problems. A spokesman for Uber France declined to comment on either the software “glitch” or the lawsuit.

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