American Pro Wrestler Puts A Record Number Of Nails In His Head (Video)

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The act of breaking a world record is often a ticket to immortality. Rod Stewart playing to the largest free concert in history or Chuck Yeager breaking the sound barrier have gone down in history as moments worthy of remembering.

Of course, not every world record is so notable.

Case in point: John Ferraro, an American strongman and professional wrestler who works under the name Gino Martino, recently hammered 38 nails into his head during an episode of the Italian TV show Lo Show Dei Record.

Ferraro now holds the Guinness World Record for:

Most nails hammered with the head in 2 minutes.

Amazingly, this is not Ferraro’s first world record. “Hammer Head” not only holds the record for “Most nails hammered with the head in 1 minute,” but also holds the record for “Most concrete blocks broken on the head with a bowling ball in three minutes (male).”

Ferraro, who appeared on America’s Got Talent last year, credits his training and his ability to get into the “rage zone” for unusual his skills. The fact that he has a head that is three times thicker than the average human head helps as well.

Featured image via: The Huffington Post


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