Trump Boosts Business Profits: For Doomsday Bunker Company

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Back in the good old days of last summer, only the most unbalanced nutcakes were out there buying survival bunkers.

They were the deeply paranoid guys with the long beards that you’d see on obscure cable stations, stockpiling dried venison and big guns. They hoped to withstand a takeover attempt by the Obama government.

There were not a lot of these guys, thank God.

Things have definitely changed, though.

Now that Donald Trump is President of the United States, sales of survival bunkers are going through the roof.

A contractor in Texas told MSNBC that since the election of the unpredictable, unbalanced Trump, he can’t keep up with the demand for his bunkers. Clyde Scott said:

In the Obama administration our sales went up 250 percent. The Trump administration, in the past month, our sales went up 500 percent.”

When President Trump promised to bring jobs to the U.S. and to improve the economy, he may not have had this type of business in mind. Still, he has certainly helped to boost sales in one small segment of the national economy.

Survival bunkers are where you’re supposed to go if the worst happens. They are supposed to be doomsday safety zones, where you and your family can theoretically wait for a return to some kind of normalcy.

People who buys these bunkers pray that they will never use them. Says Scott,

If you have to come in here, that means the outside world no longer exists as we know it. This is the doomsday scenario, right here.”

Those who have been buying the bunkers say that they have multiple fears under a Trump Presidency. They fear war with foreign nations, especially given the impulsive actions and words already seen from the new President.

Others are afraid of civil unrest, or civil war. They think there’s a real chance of violence breaking out across the country. They hope that they can hole up until it’s all over.

President Donald Trump has definitely helped to boost at least one part of the American economy. I wonder if sales of freeze dried venison jerky are going up, too?

Even the Russians are following this story. Watch below.

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