Top 6 Big Romantic Gestures On TV Shows

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This Valentine’s Day make sure to check out some of these romantic moments from television. I’m including shows from any genre:


1. Grey’s Anatomy

As an avid Grey’s Anatomy fan, these are at the top of my list. The first clip is from the end of season 4 where Derek shows Meredith his land, and he’s made a house plan out of candles. The second clip shows how he proposed to Meredith using brain scans from various cases they have worked on together.

2. Doctor Who

This one will also have you in tears. This is the ULTIMATE romantic gesture. Rory waited 2,000 years for his Amy. In the other video, the Tenth Doctor “burned up a sun” just to say goodbye to Rose. Prepare the tissues for these.

3. How I Met Your Mother

This series had some pretty great romantic moments. How I Met Your Mother began with Ted handing Robin that blue French horn. The second clip is from the final season, where Barney gives Robin the ultimate Canadian rehearsal dinner.

Featured image via YouTube screenshot.

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