This Feud Between Piers Morgan And J.K. Rowling Is Intense (VIDEO)

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It is no secret that Harry Potter author, J.K. Rowling, is not too fond of President Trump or anyone that agrees with him. Even when it comes to her fans, who have started burning the Harry Potter books in protest against her views, Rowling scoffs.

Piers Morgan, a British journalist, appeared on HBO’s Real Time with Bill Mahr where he attempted to tell the panel of guests that there was no “Muslim Ban.” Comedian Jim Jeffries response was absolutely perfect.

Immediately thereafter Rowling took to Twitter and tweeted:

Piers lashed out at Rowling saying that her attitude was exactly why he had never read any of her books, strange since Rowling never really said anything publicly until recently. Well, with that the feud began.

Is it just me or does this seem like a grown up conversation between Hermione and Malfoy? Maybe we can watch her punch him in the nose again!

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