Cab Driver Blames Passenger Farts For Speeding Ticket

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Admittedly we have all tried various excuses and reasons to get out of that unwanted speeding ticket (this author included.) However, for one British taxi cab driver, the excuse he tried to use on the authorities truly stunk.

It all happened last Friday when police in southern England pulled over the cab driver for speeding in the town of Bournemouth. It is unclear how fast the driver was going when he was stopped, but he proceeded to try and blame the flatulence emanating from his paying passengers for his high speed antics.

Dorset Traffic officers were predictably, not amused, but did post the cab drivers outlandish justification to their Facebook page along with the hashtag #NiceTryDidntWork.

In addition to his impromptu trip into the digital limelight, Dorset authorities revealed that the unidentified driver would most likely be forced to take a speeding awareness class, which costs about $135 dollars, but would spare him the burden of having points on his record.

The Dorset police also revealed what would be in store for the lead footed cab driver if he chooses to not take the class claiming

Alternatively he could take the three penalty points and 100 fine ($125 in U.S. dollars.) His speed, along with the area he was speeding, was too much to use discretion.


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