Bizarre ‘Half-Cat, Half-Kangaroo’ Captured on Camera (Video)

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Cryptozoology is the study of animals and other life forms that have not been officially recognized by science. Cryptozoologists are similarly shunned by the official scientific community because they hunt after “mythical” creatures.

You see, a cryptozoologist wants to use science to prove that Bigfoot exists or that there really is such a thing as an Ahool.

Australia is a veritable treasure trove for cryptozoologists. Thanks to one night vision camera, there may be a new cryptid on the radar.

In the bush north of Sydney, a camera caught what appears to be a “half-cat, half-kangaroo” foraging for food. At one point, the unknown creature stands on its hind legs.

The video was posted on the Facebook page for the Centre for Compassionate Conservation by a user named Eamon Wooster. Wooster, who claims that it was his camera that captured the creature on film, asked for clarification about the specific breed or species of the animal.

Most Facebook users have suggested that it is either a wallaby or a possum.

The Centre for Compassionate Conservation has not released their official opinion as of this writing.

Featured image via: The Daily Mirror

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