Top 14 Grand Romantic Gestures From Movie History

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Well, Tuesday is Valentine’s Day. For those of you who don’t have a Valentine, you may watch some of these movies. Here are some of the best big romantic gestures from movie history from any genre.


1. Beauty and the Beast

As a bookworm, I would LOVE a library as a gift. I would never leave!

2. Say Anything

You knew this would be on here. This is the classic scene with John Cusack playing music for his girl outside of her bedroom window.

3. PS I Love You

This whole movie is a ginormous romantic gesture. Her husband dies, and he planned out sending her letters over the year after he was gone. This is the final letter, and you will be blubbering like a baby watching that movie.

4. Elizabethtown

This is a bittersweet classic. Claire leads new beau Drew on a road trip with his father’s ashes. This is the final scene at the end of Claire’s perfectly planned road trip. Keep the tissues ready.

5. Big Fish

This Tim Burton classic is a beautifully sweet story. In this scene, he presents his future wife a field full of yellow daffodils because they are her favorite flower.

6. The Notebook

This movie is full of romantic scenes. Check out the best in the video above.

7. The Princess Bride

This is a classic scene from a cult classic. The fairytale had it’s “Happily Ever After.”

8. 10 Things I Hate About You

This just makes me miss Heath Ledger. This is the classic big romantic gesture he used to woo Julia Stiles’ character.

9. Twilight

This whole series is full of great gestures. This one stands out in the first movie because he risked being exposed as a vampire to save her.

10. Love Actually

This one is full of great big romantic gestures, but this one is wonderfully quirky.

11. The Fault In Our Stars

Normally, you wouldn’t expect to find a romance scene set at the Anne Frank Museum, but only John Green can pull that off. After being in denial, Hazel finally kisses Augustus.

12. Pretty Woman

This ’80s classic tells the story of a hooker who falls in love with a rich dude. Here is the final scene when he sweeps her off her feet.

13. Juno

This teen pregnancy comedy is quirky and funny and heartwarming. Here is the classic scene where she tells Bleaker she loves him.

14. Can’t Hardly Wait

This is another 1990s romantic classic. The movie takes place at a high school graduation party, but it ends with a new relationship forming out of the craziness.

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