A Gift From Putin To Trump, With Love – Snowden May Face Extradition

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With Valentine’s Day just around the corner it looks like Russian President, Vladimir Putin is trying to come up with the best present to give his new boyfriend, President Trump and nothing says love more than the gift of an American fugitive.

Edward Snowden, an NSA contractor who fled the country in 2013 after leaking sensitive information on U.S. intelligence, later took refuge in Russia where he was granted asylum.

There has been extreme controversy over the actions of Snowden, and though he was charged under the Espionage Act and faces decades in prison, he is responsible for bringing attention to one of the biggest surveillance secrets against the American populace in recent history, something not everyone thinks is a crime.

However, of course, the government got their hand caught in the cookie jar so they are swift to call for Snowden’s head on a platter. Trump even believes, having called Snowden a spy, that he should be put to death. Snowden, however, sees the possibility of extradition as a clear sign he is NOT a Russian spy. Snowden tweeted:

I wonder if he will gift wrap him or maybe send him with one of those shirtless calendars, the gift that keeps on giving…


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