Florida Husband Shoots Wife For Denying Him Sex

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Historically speaking, the wedding night is supposed to be the night when a couple “seals the deal.” Back when virginity before marriage was a prized virtue, the beauty of one’s wedding night was considered a great reward for years of chastity.

Nowadays, the wedding night has lost a little of its uniqueness, but none of its bliss.

Imagine being denied sex on your wedding night. You would probably feel rotten, right? Well, imagine being denied sex with your partner for almost seven months.

One Florida man decided to correct this dry spell with a gun.

76-year-old Donald Royce of Lehigh Acres shot his 62-year-old wife after she refused to sleep with him. Although the couple had dated for six years prior to getting married (thus giving them ample time to do some boom-boom), Royce became incensed after his long-time partner and wife since August kept saying “No.”

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According to Royce, he intended to only shot the mattress that his wife was sleeping on. Instead of just scaring the poor woman, Royce wound up shooting her in the hip and buttocks.

Royce has been charged with Aggravated Battery. His wife is expected to make a full recovery.

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