TJ Maxx May Have Just Joined The Revolt Against Ivanka Trump (VIDEO)

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A memo was sent to all TJ Maxx stores last week that instructed them to throw away Ivanka Trump’s clothing line signage and place all of the remaining inventory out on the floor and mixed in with the other clothes.

Ivanka’s line is usually represented front and center of the retail establishment but now it seems it may have crept its way back into the round-a-bouts of discounted designer fashion from the past. The New York Times reported that the memo stated:

Effective immediately, please remove all Ivanka Trump merchandise from features and mix into the [normal clothing racks]. All Ivanka Trump signs should be discarded.

Though it isn’t clear exactly what merchandise was moved or what signage was discarded, Erica Tower, a spokeswoman for TJ Maxx stated:

At this time, we continue to offer this line of merchandise. From time to time, we communicate with our stores about how to handle merchandise. The communication we sent instructed stores to mix this line of merchandise into our racks, not to remove it from the sales floor.

If TJ Maxx decides to stop carrying Ivanka they will be added to the already growing group of retailers standing up against Trump and the regime. But let’s not celebrate just yet, a representative from Ivanka’s brand stated:

The Ivanka Trump brand continues to expand across categories and distribution with increased customer support, leading us to experience significant year-over-year revenue growth in 2016.

Of course that could just be more alternative facts.

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