Melania’s Immigration Lawyer Calls Muslim Ban ‘Unconstitutional’ (VIDEO)

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In an interesting turn of events, First Lady Melania Trump’s immigration lawyer has said her husband’s Muslim ban goes against the constitution. In essence, it’s not what America stands for.

The same America he helped keep his wife in.

President Donald Trump, whose own mother immigrated here from Scotland, has a long history of marrying immigrants. Melania is no different, having come here from Slovenia in 1996. Just last year, she was under scrutiny for supposedly working here illegally.

Michael Wildes, a lawyer and former democratic mayor who voted for Hillary Clinton, said that’s just not true. He took her on as a client and filled out paperwork confirming she’s always worked here legally, saying:

“I can tell you that Melania was fully compliant of the law when she first came here and earned her green-card and citizenship based on her own exceptional merits.”

He’s quick to point out, however, that Trump’s Muslim ban is highly unethical:

“Do we in 2017 want to bring back the days of World War II, where we were selectively looking?”

Trump’s ban includes seven countries with one missing. Wildes pointed out that one country had a major role in 9/11, saying:

“Not one of these countries was Saudi Arabia, where you had 16 out of 19 hijackers.” 

For a man who doesn’t hold back his disdain over Muslims, it’s interesting that he didn’t include the predominantly Muslim Saudi Arabia. Especially since it was revealed last year that he has financial interests in the country.

The same one about which he said:

“Who blew up the World Trade Center? It wasn’t the Iraqis, it was Saudi-take a look at Saudi Arabia, open the documents.”

Further proof that electing a businessman to run the country could bring up conflicts of interest.

While people like Trump continue to promote white supremacy, Wildes points out his and the rest of the alt-rights’ blatant hypocrisy:

“We are a nation of immigrants.”

Watch this video to hear more of his views on the Muslim ban:

Feature Image Source: Screenshot Via Twitter

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