Trevor Noah Reveals Who The REAL President Is (VIDEO)

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It is no secret that President Donald J. Trump may hold the title of president but he is definitely not the one calling the shots. Which leaves us wondering who exactly is running the country?

Is it Putin? Is it Speaker Paul Ryan? With so many crocodiles in one White swamp it is hard to figure out just where the commands are coming from. But have no fear, Trevor Noah and The Daily Show have figured out exactly who is at the top of the chain of command.

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Between Bannon being behind the Muslim Ban, Trump “not knowing” he was signing an order making Bannon part of the National Security Council, it is very obvious that Trump doesn’t call the shots. Noah stated:

The Muslim ban has Trump’s name on it, but once again it turns out he didn’t really build it himself. It was Bannon’s baby, which shouldn’t surprise anyone — it’s in his name, people. ‘Ban-non.’ ‘Ban-on-Muslims.’ Open your eyes, people!

Trump is very sensitive about this subject, however, and tweets about his “control” on a constant basis. We will all sit by and wait to see what President Bannon…I mean Trump’s next move will be.

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