Man Stopped At Airport For Bringing 30 Pounds Of Pancakes On Board (VIDEO)

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It’s always nice to get a present from your mother. While they’ve sacrificed a lot to help you out as a youth, getting a small gift here and there warms the heart. There are some gifts, however, that might seem very awkward to everyone.

From January 27 through January 29, the Chinese New Year took place, and one of the key parts of this celebration is the exchanging of gifts. Food is one of the most popular items to bring, and one fellow managed to bring too much with him.

One man was traveling back home to Nanjing when he was stopped by the airport security. They discovered his bag weighed 33 pounds more than the alloted amount. The reasoning for such a hefty bag? He was bringing home pancakes and some vegetables that was given to him by his mom as a gift.

The stack of pancakes stuffed in his bag weighed 30 pounds, which led to an awkward conversation.

Security heard the story and decided to let him carry the massive stack of flapjacks on board with him. The photos of the pancakes have went viral online, which made some people craving for pancakes.

Photo via Asiawire.

Luckily for those folks, the International House of Pancakes are currently running an All You Can Eat campaign right now through Feb. 12. If you manage to miss that, there’s always National Pancake Day on March 7.

This isn’t the first time that any sort of food or beverage caused some issues at the airport. In 2015, a lady decided to gulp down an entire bottle of Cognac after security told her that she wasn’t allowed to bring it on board. Unfortunately, she became too drunk to fly and missed her flight home.

Recently, a English lady was nearly arrested by easyJet staff after pouring a small bottle of Absolut Vodka in her orange juice.

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