A Man In England Is Selling A ‘Second-Hand Body Condom’

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You can buy pretty much anything online. While a majority of people confine their purchases to mundane items like video games, clothes, or the occasional book, there are those consumers who seek more outre novelties.

According to the Bristol Post in England, a man named Tom Rygol recently took to Facebook in order to advertise the sale of a “second-hand body condom.” The apparently used item is a flesh-colored, fully latex suit designed to be worn by naked males.

Image via: The Sun

The suit, which Mr. Rygol is selling for the reasonable price of £20, received numerous responses online. Many asked why the odd item was being sold in the first place. Mr. Rygol explained that:

I bought it [the bodysuit] a few weeks back, but it’s a bit snug around the crotch…

Sadly, for those genuinely interested in the item, the whole thing appears to be a light-hearted prank. The picture displayed in the advertisement has been on the internet for several years. It is likely that Mr. Rygol is enjoying a chuckle at everyone’s expense.

Featured image via: Konbini.com 

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