You Say You Want To Own A Farm? Here’s Your Chance

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There are a lot of people out there in the business world who want to chuck it all and move to the country. People dream of owning a nice, rustic farm where they can give up all the stress and start growing carrots.

Now everyone has a chance to live the dream.

A woman in North Carolina is ready to retire from the farm life, which she has enjoyed for the past 18 years. Norma Burns loves her farm, Bluebird Hill Organic Farm. But 18 years of farming have been hard on her physically. She told the Citizen Times of Asheville:

“It’s too much work for one person. I’ve worked from dawn til dark for most of the 18 years. My body won’t let me do it anymore.

“To me, there’s no better calling in life than raising organic food. I’m looking for a like-minded couple who have experience and training in organic farming and are willing and able to put in the long days and hard work that farming requires.”

Burns is a former architect who has been raising herbs, vegetables and flowers on the rolling lands of the farm. The USDA Certified organic farm is about three hours from the city of Asheville.

The 13 acre farm has been valued at $450,000. But Ms. Burns isn’t looking for money at this point in her life. She’s looking for a family who understands the beauty of the farming life. She’s looking for people who recognize the huge amount of work that they’ll be signing up for.

So instead of asking for hundreds of thousands of dollars, Burns is asking for $300 and a well crafted essay.

The essays are being submitted at Bluebird Hill Farm Essay Contest. If you think you have the training, the strong back and the dedication to run the farm, you have until June 1 to submit your entry.

Featured image via YouTube screengrab.