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Wikileaks Teases With Vault 7 Mystery (VIDEO)

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Wikileaks have been teasing the public with their Twitter account.

There have been three tweets in the past few days that refer to vault 7.

One tweet asks ‘What is vault 7?’:

The next tweet asks ‘Where is vault 7?’:

And then this:

And now this:

The tweets have sparked huge speculation about what it could possibly be. The number one theory for the first tweet is that vault 7 is located in Norway as part of the Svalbard seed vault.

What is the Svalbard seed vault I hear you ask?

It is an archive of seeds from around the globe. The Norwegian location is said to have been chosen for a number of reasons. The very cool temperature allows for the right freezer-like conditions needed for the preservation of such a precious archive. Secondly the vault is so high up that even if all of the ice in the world melted, it would still be above sea level.

Let’s suppose this theory is correct, the photo certainly suggests it is. The video says that there are only three vaults contained here. So what is vault 7? Perhaps the first picture was just a clue. Perhaps vault 7 is another archive of a similar nature. It could be an archive of DNA from around the world acting as a back-up in case of a catastrophic disaster.

Others have suggested the second photo that shows bags containing something actually looks quite old and dated.

The internet has of course gone crazy with a multitude of conspiracy theories surrounding the existence of this vault 7. The bags might contain gold. They could be documents relating to World war II. Holy relics? Nazi gold? 9/11 conspiracies – the rumors are rife. The latest tweet with what seems to be a rocket has everyone guessing.

It seems that some believe the theory that Wikileaks is dropping the intriguing tweets to create mystery about an upcoming leak. It is beginning to feel very much like the plot to an Indiana Jones or James Bond film.

Whatever the outcome Julian Assange, founder of Wikileaks has many people wondering where and what vault 7 could possibly be. Wikileaks have been tweeting insurance files and asking the public to download them lately. See this tweet:

The publisher of top secret leaks has good reason for being paranoid about his personal safety. For this reason there are also many theories that he is using these tweets about vault 7 as insurance. I guess we will soon find out.

Watch the video about the seed vault – the place where some people are guessing contains the mysterious vault 7:

Featured image via Twitter

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