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TRAGEDY: Zimbabwean Mother Gave Birth To What? (VIDEO)

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In truly bizarre news out of Africa, a Zimbabwean woman has been said to have given birth to a non-human creature.

The villager claims she was expecting to give birth to a regular baby. When she went into labor, instead, she discovered she had given birth to a frog-like baby.

The child did not survive. This happened in the small village of Gokwe in the north west of Zimbabwe.

Her husband is understandably quoted as saying:

It was a hellish experience which will haunt me all my life.

The 36 year old mother Precious Nyathi is reported to have had this harrowing experience last October. It is said she was eight months pregnant.

To make a shocking story even more so, Precious was then ordered by villagers to have her baby cremated. It was no doubt a traumatic experience.

Tom Colt of the Morning Crew Radio Show posted this on Facebook earlier:

Zimbabwe’s 36-year-old Precious Nyathi was eight months pregnant when she went into labor. Precious gave birth at home, but was taken to the hospital after she gave birth to a disfigured baby that resembled a small frog. The so-called frog baby, or perhaps tadpole, didn’t survive and village elders ordered the corpse to be burned in front of horrified townspeople.

Along with these photos:

shocking frog baby
Zimbabwe frog baby

It is reported that the malformed baby died in the district hospital and was then paraded around the village before being cremated on the village elders’ advice.

Her husband is also reported to have said:

We were expecting a child and this is what the heavens sent us.

The Sun reports that medical expert Dr Partson has suggested this may have been a case of the baby suffering anencephaly, that means the child grew without a skull. It is said to affect one in 10,000 children.

It is no doubt a tragic and bizarre story. All parties including the staff of the hospital and the general public have all responded with great shock.

Watch a report about the bizarre story:

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