Riots Form Following Super Bowl Results

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On Monday, February 6, mobs of people gathered on Washington to protest the results of the Super Bowl from the previous night. While nearly 500,000 people showed up to march on Washington, an estimated 5 million joined the fight worldwide.

To discover why the world erupted with such potent anger following the Super Bowl results, reporters took to twitter, where they found endless hashtags fueling the issue. Twitter ceaselessly buzzed with #antipatriots, #notmyteam, and even #footballgrabsback.

An anonymous Houston protester, present the day of the Patriots’s victory, chimes in on the matter:

“For all we know, the Russians hacked into the scoreboard. The corrupt referees made some bad calls; it’s time to dismantled such a rigged system. The Falcons clearly won the popular vote.”

Worst of all, several media outlets have reported the Falcons’s triumph. Because of this, major fact-checking databases have blossomed to do away with bad media. However, arguing with such polarized influences is pointless. Most people who speak on the Falcons’s victory don’t consider their claims as falsehood, but rather alternative facts.

Patriots and Falcons fans alike must come together to overcome this troubling time in NFL history.

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