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Huge Green Flash In The Wisconsin Sky Creates Meteor Mania (VIDEO)

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Amazing video footage has emerged clearly showing what appears to be a green meteor filmed in Wisconsin. The reports say the sighting was around 1:30am on Monday morning over Lake Michigan .

The videos show a huge green comet-like flash that seems to light up the sky before it falls to the ground.

Many people caught footage of the meteor on security cameras. There were also calls from many people reporting the booming sound thought to have been created by the meteor.

The sight and sound of the event is said to have registered in four states with many calling the police in reaction to the huge light and sound it created.

In the news video below, Susan Wegner describes her experience:

I didn’t see anything, I heard a long, loud boom. Like an explosion and I turned on the porch light and I ran outside to see if anything had blown up and then I came in my house and I called the local police department.

The report then says that the police officer she had spoken to explained that what she had heard was indeed a meteor and that they were getting a lot of calls about it.

The social media reaction was also huge with #meteor becoming a thing almost immediately.

Nancy Harty tweeted this:

Carson White tweeted this:

Another report says that the meteor was indeed the size of a minivan and that it landed in Lake Michigan. Mike Hankey of the American Meteor Society said:

We got over 200 eyewitness reports, and they give us the directions where they saw it, and from that we can triangulate everyone’s report.

James Dexter a police officer who so witnessed the meteor said:

It looked like the beginning and then the end of a firework that doesn’t explode. It was just a large, green orb that suddenly appeared with a trail, and then it flashed out, and then it disappeared in a streak across the sky.

While the accounts of the size, sound, and time of impact vary, the great thing about having a surveillance state is that there are a huge number of video clips that captured the amazing event:

This footage is incredible:

Watch a news report about the phenomenon here:

Featured image via YouTube

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