This Drug Will Take Over Your Mind (VIDEO)

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Wizards from a faraway land have harnessed the Devil’s breath, utilizing is magical capabilities to zombify bystanders. The breath can wipe a victim’s memory clean and control their mind. Legends have depicted aggressors using the drug to rape, force victims to withdraw money, and even have them oblige to having an organ removed. They dwell in the land known as… Columbia.

That’s right. While street gangs actually refer to this powerful sedative as The Devil’s Breath, it’s known in the labs as scopolamine, harvested from the borrachero tree. While the tree is pretty common in many South American countries, most locals tend to leave it alone. While scopolamine’s effects aren’t actually paranormal, they seem to be the next worse thing. The drug has no scent, no taste, and is administered by being blown into a victim’s face—within minutes, they are under mind control. Higher doses of the drug can cause visual hallucinations. Even higher doses, death.

Within the past year, accounts of the drug have not only been found increasingly in different parts of South America, but a few countries in Europe and Asia as well. While no reports of the drug have been found on the streets in the United States, the CIA has attempted to use it through history as a truth serum during interrogations.

In 2012, Vice released a two-part documentary on the drug. To watch the first part, click below!

Featured image by Jorge Lascar via flickr, available under Creative Commons 2.0 Generic license.

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