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The Cool – And Scary – Time Lapse Of Human Population Growth On Earth (VIDEO)

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Human beings have had quite an impact on this planet and a cool video has emerged showing how our population has grown and spread over time.

There is no doubt about it, the human population has exploded since World War II and this video illustrates the sudden and exponential growth over time.

We may have ensured our high numbers on the back of medical breakthroughs and mass farming. However, the worrying part of this is that the Earth is a finite size and resources are limited.

As Bindi Irwin (the Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin’s daughter) once put it, over-population is like having a party and inviting 15 people and then having 70 people turn up, we are just not physically able to cater for that many.

The metaphor is a poignant one. Resources are limited.

With the current political climate being worrisome, environmental concerns are taking a backseat to racial tensions. Global warming, overpopulation, and now the scary prospect of war are all contributing to the doomsday clock being very close to midnight.

The video starts off in Africa and spreads.

It is really interesting to see how the movement of people throughout the world actually occurred. In 100,000 years we have gone from a population of less than one million people to currently over seven billion, and counting.

When the first man walked across the plains of Africa, it would have been hard to guess that this species would be so successful in taking over the world.

Compared to predators, we look so ill-equipped. We would have been out-run by many creatures. It is obviously the development of tools and weapons that somehow put us on top of the food chain and has allowed this world dominance.

It is sad to think our flourishing success could easily also bring our own downfall. There seem to be many anti-science/pro-greed voices right now who are only considering money at a time where we are actually approaching a crisis.

By only caring about the short-term we humans  may be like Nero, fiddling while Rome was burning.

The real question is, are we smart enough to save it?

Watch how we have grown here:

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