Moose Crashes In On Idaho Family After Falling Into Basement

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Moose are one of the biggest herbivore species in North America, and are usually found above ground, happily munching away on various species of plants.

However, one Idaho family discovered that they are also perfectly capable in a below ground environment, after a close encounter with one of these creatures early Sunday morning.

The moose in question literally dropped into the basement, after somehow falling through an unlatched window. Moose can be aggressive when confined in close quarters, and the female cow refused to leave without a fight.

Authorities from the Idaho Department of Fish and Game first tried to guide the wayward moose up the stairs and through the front door, but the moose refused to cooperate, and charged at the officers several times.


Image via: Idaho Fish and Game Department


This resulted in a three hour stalemate between the animal and authorities, which ended after an officer shot the moose with a tranquilizer dart, and the groggy beast was then carried up the stairs and out the door, before being released back into the wild.

Homeowner Julie Emerick revealed to Fox News that the “gracious beast” caused very little damage to her basement during the ordeal, which is impressive considering the immense size of the animal.

The moose’s unexpected visit also highlighted the problems caused by the recent snowstorms that have rolled through the state.

According to the Blaine County Sheriffs office, the high snow levels have forced local wildlife into nearby towns in an attempt to find easier sources of food to help them survive the frigid conditions.

Featured Image via Idaho Fish and Game Department

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