Russian Artist Drugs And Tattoos His Hairless Cat

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Not too long ago, tattoos in Russia meant fear—fear of criminality, fear of the man or woman sporting those tattoos. For decades, tattoos were synonymous with prisons and underworld gangs in Russia. Nowadays, more and more Russians, criminal and non-criminal alike, have chosen to ink up their skin.

Unfortunately, one Russian cat did not have a choice. In the city of Yekateringburg in the central Sverdlovsk Oblast region, a tattoo fanatic and artist named Aleksandr decided that his hairless Sphynx cat would look good with  a “gangster” tattoo featuring a guard tower, a pretty woman, playing cards, and cigarettes.

Image via: Bored Panda

Since the pain of the tattoo needle would likely cause the cat to fight back or run away, Aleksandr applied an anesthetic to Demon (that is the cat’s name) before putting on the permanent ink. In an interview, Aleksandr admitted that his actions were ethically wrong, but also claimed that he had tattooed Demon before.

Animal activists took to the media to denounce Aleksandr’s actions, claiming that tattoos are much more damaging to cats because of the increased sensitivity of their skin. Another artist, Aleksandr Purtov, downplayed the whole controversy by comparing the tattoo to farmers branding their livestock.

Featured image via: Bored Panda

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