Must See: #AlternativeFacts Used In This Fabulous Antiperspirant Ad (VIDEO)

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Not everyone believes that the whole world is laughing at us two weeks into the administration of Steve Bannon and Donald Trump. But if you need any proof that at least our British friends find us hilarious, this ad should do it.

Dove, the company that makes that delightful soap, has decided to make use of one of the many nonsensical phrases that have come out of Washington in the past two weeks.

Trump surrogate Kellyanne Conway was on TV trying to explain away Trump’s insistence that his inaugural crowds were bigger than Obama’s. She said that he was just using, you know, “alternative facts.”

Of course, Twitter went nuts. #AlternativeFacts has been a hoot out there on the social media site.

Now the Dove company is using the hashtag to sell antiperspirant.

The ad for Dove’s new antiperspirant is chock full of alternative facts. Did you know, for example, that new Dove antiperspirant will boost your IQ by 40 points?  Or that new Dove antiperspirant is a really good listener?

This one is probably my favorite, though, although it comes from Twitter and not the ad.


I know that President Trump and his followers are all about increasing business and making profits and all that. So I’m sure they’ll approve of Dove’s intelligent use of their very own catchphrase.

Personally, I know which antiperspirant I’ll be buying from now on. I’ll think of Ms. Conway every time I apply it.

Featured image via YouTube screengrab. (CC BY-2.0)

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