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10-Year-Old Surfer Has Close Encounter With Photobombing Shark

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Surfing to catch a big wave is always a good way to kill some time at the beach. However for one intrepid 10-year-old surfer, he caught more than a mere wave while surfing off a beach in Australia recently.

The boy’s father, Christopher Hasson, revealed that he was taking photos of his son Eden while he was catching some waves off Samurai Beach at Port Stephens, 110 miles north of Sydney, on Tuesday, when something distinct and amazing caught his eye as he was going through the images.

He discovered that one of the images from that day captured the unmistakable face of a twisting shark just below the water’s surface, with his son on an apparent collision course. Hasson revealed to the AP:

I saw the second photo and (thought) no way. I quickly called him in, and whistled.

As for Eden, he said that he saw a shape in the wave and felt something when he went over the top, and also felt his leg rope get caught on something, but thought nothing about it until his dad later showed him the photo.

James Cook University shark researcher Andrew Chin had a chance to look over the image, and revealed that the photobombing co-star was possibly a small great white shark. Chin claimed:

From the angle, it looks like the shark was spooked and is rolling away from the board to escape it. There is no way that this is a hunting approach.

The close encounter did little to deter their plans, with Hasson, Eden, and his two siblings, aged 12 and 5 returning to Samurai Beach the following Wednesday to catch the waves one final time before the end of summer vacation. Hasson stated:

Everyone’s back to business. It’s too good a lifestyle sport not to.

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