We Knew There Was An Explanation For That Hair!

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You remember Dr. Bornstein, don’t you?

He was the messy haired mystery doctor who wrote Donald Trump a letter saying how fabulously healthy he is.  Bornstein referred to then candidate Trump as “astonishingly healthy.”

The Internet had a field day with that one.

Now that Mr. Trump is officially in office, the good Doctor has been speaking with a little more detail about his famous patient. Dr. Bornstein told the New York Times that the President takes a few medications, in spite of his astonishing health.

He said that the 70 year old President takes a baby aspirin to lower his heart attack risk. He also takes medication to lower his cholesterol level.

In what could possibly explain, at least in part, his strange orange glow, Trump also takes medication for a skin ailment called rosacea.

But most interesting of all, at least to a lot of us, is what Dr. Bornstein added about the ongoing mystery of Trump’s hair.

Trump takes a low dose of a prostate drug called finasteride. This drug lowers the prostate specific antigen, or PSA. It is also marketed as Propecia. It’s used to promote hair growth in balding men.

We KNEW there was an answer to explain that hair!

Dr. Bornstein is a big believer in Propecia. He says that he takes it himself.

He has all his hair. I have all my hair.”

When the Times asked for a statement from the White House about Dr. Bornstein and his claims about Trump’s medicines, they declined.

The eccentric Park Avenue Doctor has treated Mr. Trump for routine physical issues since 1980, but said that he has not spoken to his patient since Trump became President. He also said that no one from the White House had asked for his medical records or called to talk about the President’s health.

Interesting, especially since Trump is the oldest person to have ever taken the Presidential oath of office.

Presumably someone in the medical world has been refilling the prescriptions for the President. He still seems to have his hair.

Featured image by Donkey Hotey via Fllickr.(CC BY-SA 2.0)

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