The Actual Reason Winona Ryder Was Full Of Expression At The SAG Awards

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The SAG awards was full of political speeches, both funny and serious but the true person that stole the evening was Winona Ryder and her plethora of faces in response to Stranger Things co-star, David Harbour’s, speech.

Almost immediately after his powerful speech memes and tweets began popping up all over the place commenting on Ryder’s strange reaction during the event. This is what struck everyone as both hilarious and odd.




The speech, powerful, but already forgotten, were followed by comments from the public poking fun at Ryder’s emoji keyboard array of expressions.

Many rumors have swirled around why Ryder would have such strange reactions to the speech. People have thought that she was wasted and simply couldn’t control herself, while others stuck up for her saying she had a mental disability. The scariest of all of the rumors was that Ryder was a stout Trump supporter and was mocking the speech.

Everyone can relax, it turns out that she might just have had a problem hearing him. When speaking into the mic the sound is amplified outward and those on the stage often have trouble hearing themselves. Co-star Gatan Matarazzo stated:

I think it’s just that she couldn’t hear what David was saying.

Either way, thank you Winona Ryder for offering up some comedy to keep us sane in these tough times. For that we should have a Ryder emoji keyboard, what do you think?

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