JK Rowling Hilariously Replies To Her Ex-Fans For Burning Their Harry Potter Collection

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J.K. Rowling, acclaimed author of the Harry Potter book series, has made no effort to hide her disgust for “He Who Shall Not Be Named,” and we aren’t talking about Voldemort. Now it seems that the Slytherin of the political world, conservatives, are lashing out at Rowling by burning their Harry Potter books.

Beyond just the sheer hypocrisy that those that support the modern day Hitler would also turn to book burning, they are only hurting themselves seeing that they already forked over the money for the collection.

Tweets have been rolling in to Rowling’s Twitter feed, and while she screen shots and blurs out most of their names in an attempt to shield them from the great power of Gryffindor, or the liberals in this case, her responses are absolutely spot on.

Seeing that this isn’t the first time fans of Harry Potter have turned to burning the magical pages, a cough in the direction of the anti-magic Christians in the room, Rowling still seemed to have her humor in tact.

Well at least that will make it easier for me to get a copy on the next series she comes out with. Though I have a feeling that once the followers of President Voldemort lose everything they hold dear, they may be knocking down the apologetic doors. Or who knows, they may just slink off into the ever after like Draco and his parents.

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