This Photo Of Space Comes In At 2 Billion GLORIOUS Pixels (IMAGE)

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In one of the largest pictures ever released by the European Southern Observatory, the Cat’s Paw Nebula and Lobster Nebula can be viewed unlike any other time in history. The photo comes in at 49,511×39,136 pixels, nearly two billion, and was taken by the OmegaCAM, a very large telescope.

Photo via ESO.

The two nebula are similar in that they are both nebula’s that emit light from within, or emission nebula’s. C/Net described the nebula characteristics stating:

The Cat’s Paw and the Lobster are both stellar nurseries, where hot and bright baby stars emit intense ultraviolet light. This light ionises the hydrogen clouds that makes up the nebula, causing it to glow. These clouds of dust and gas are so thick that the hearts of the nebulas are hard to observe — but infrared instruments have helped identify what’s happening inside them.

For a closer view and the ability to zoom in check out the ESO website.

Featured image via By ESO, CC BY 3.0.

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