This Man’s ‘Alternative Facts’ Gets Him The Best Excuse For Public Nudity EVER

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Oh, Florida, at it again are we?

A man was recently spotted standing in the parking lot of a car wash in Florida, pants around his ankles, and blasting music from his car.

Charles William Raulerson, 52, was arrested by Pensacola police but the events leading up to that arrest are absolutely ridiculous. After being called to the scene police asked Raulerson why he wasn’t wearing any pants and he replied:

They took off running by themselves without me.

I mean….seems legit right? After that police asked Raulerson to have a seat in his car where he then proceeded to threaten the officers with a screwdriver. This action lead to him being tased, still pant-less, arrested, and is now being held on charges of aggravated assault on an officer, a felony in the state of Florida.

No word as to the whereabouts of the pants but police are on the look out.

Featured image via Escambia County Jail.

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