This Guy Sold His Tatooed Back To An Art Dealer

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A piece of art can really bring a room together. Imagine a detailed picture that has a Madonna wearing a Mexican skull, children riding Chinese-style koi fish, and birds surrounded by flowers. In addition to being full of bold colors, the artist has even signed it on the right hand side.

It sounds like something an art collector would want.

That piece of art does exist and was recently sold for 150,000 euros, which is $161,571 in American currency. The buyer won’t receive it until the owner, Tim Steiner, dies though.

It’s tattooed on his back.

The work of art takes up most of his back and was done by Wim Delvoye, who is known for his controversial pig tattoos. As in actual tattoos on pigs.

The massive tattoo took over 40 hours to create. When Steiner dies, his back will be skinned and sent to Rik Reinking. About its fairly macabre resting place, Steiner said:

“My skin belongs to Rik Reinking now. My back is the canvas. I am the temporary frame.”

While the idea of framing and hanging up someone’s skin is a bit creepy, Steiner doesn’t see the big deal. He understands the idea can be a polarizing topic and said:

“It’s an old concept. In Japanese tattoo history it’s been done many, many times. If it’s framed nicely and looks good, I think it’s not such a bad idea.”

He has to do more than surrender his skin when he dies, though. Three times a year, Steiner must sit topless in a gallery to display the tattoo as a work of art. His longest exhibition was at the Museum of Old and New Art, also known as Mona. About sitting still for long periods of time, he said:

“Sit on your desk, with your legs dangling off, straight backed and holding on to your knees for 15 minutes. It’s tough.”

Visitors to previous galleries haven’t always been silent observers, either. About the difference between this last exhibit and ones prior, he said:

“I’ve been touched, blown on, screamed at, pushed and spat on, it’s often been quite a circus. But I wasn’t touched a single time on this trip, it’s a miracle.”

Beauty really is in the eye of the beholder.

H/T: BBC News

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