No Jogging, No Sex: Woman’s Rare Allergy Means Exertion Could Kill Her

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Imagine how horrible it would if the things you love could kill you. If you are into extreme sports, then you might the know feeling. However, for one woman in Colorado, mundane activities like jobbing, eating food, or even having sex with her husband could stop her heart for good.

34-year-old nurse Katy Van Nostrand suffers from an extremely rare condition called exercise-induced anaphylaxis. Since her initial diagnosis in 2009, Van Nostrand has suffered numerous reactions, from facial swelling to full anaphylactic shock.

While a student at Maine’s Bates College, Van Nostrand suffered her first attack. Since then, Van Nostrand has seen numerous doctors and dermatologists. During the mid-2000s, Van Nostrand suffered between 15 and 20 reactions a year.

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Finally, after consulting an allergist, Van Nostrand realized that any kind of physical exertion could potentially kill her. Specifically, Van Nostrand’s body goes into shock when certain foods mix with the hormones that are released when her heart beat increases. As such, Van Nostrand has had to eliminate various foods from her diet, including grapes, oats, rice, and even black pepper.

Despite her ailment, Van Nostrand continues to run and even completed a marathon. However, her doctors have advised her to never run alone and to always carry her Epipen with her in case of an emergency. Although Van Nostrand claims that medication and diet changes have cut her reactions down to four to six a year, it is likely that she will never be totally free of the condition.

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