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Journalist Falls For Serial Killer Of Prostitutes (VIDEO)

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Kendall Francois is a serial killer who murdered eight prostitutes in New York over several years. He was eventually caught and put in prison.

There are many unusual aspects about his case, first of all very few serial killers are African American, they are predominantly white males.

Secondly, he murdered prostitutes and hid them in his own place.

Thirdly, it seems nothing severe had ‘happened’ to him during childhood for him to have committed these crimes. This is so often the case with killers like this. The Department of psychology commented:

Kendall Francois is an individual that does not display the characteristics one would normally expect of serial killers.

Another very odd part of this story is that New York Times journalist Claudia Rowe, who spoke with Francois in prison found herself having feelings for him. She has detailed this in her book “The spider and the fly” – which is about Francois and her unexpected feelings towards him. A stunning admission in her book was that when visiting Francois her heart:

…pounded the way it had with boys in high school.

The two seem to have had an intriguing relationship while she was researching the book. Francois sent her questions this as kind of conditions for interviewing him in a letter to Rowe:

I want to know about your hometown, childhood house, elementary school and high school up through college, your first car, your first kiss, the dress you wore under your graduation gown, I want to know the first time (if ever) you gave a guy a blow job, the first time you had intercourse, the last time, people you hate at work, affairs, when (if ever) you dyed your hair, the types of computers you have/use…

Rowe’s biggest surprise in writing the book was how Francois managed to flip the interviewing on her. The journalist claims she discovered a lot more about herself through her meetings with him. This is illustrated when someone recently asked her who was the spider and who was the fly, she replied with this tweet:

Francois died in prison in 2014.

Watch a documentary about his gruesome murders here:

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