A Robot Has Tricked The ‘I’m Not A Robot’ Captcha Test (VIDEO)

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A clip showing a robot passing as a human has emerged. In a new video on YouTube, a robot with googly eyes has indeed tricked the computer by proving itself not a robot in a Captcha test.

YouTuber, Matt Unsworth has posted the video showing a robot ticking the box to prove you are human.

The robot which looks like a mechanical arm holding a stylus pen takes a little while to click on the box. It is of course a video intended to make fun of the test that is there to avoid bot spammers. The video has gone viral with over six and a half million views as of this article.

Many films have focused on the idea of robots or machines taking over the world. From Terminator to the Matrix we have seen many possibilities where the future may mean computers will rule us.

The popularity of this video shows the idea of computers going rogue truly captures imaginations.

This T-shirt presenting Skynet in the Google font also spells out the same fears:


Skynet - BustedTees - Image 1

Image care of Busted Tees

Skynet, of course, is the fictional name of the computer network that caused Judgement Day in the Terminator films, one that saw the machines declare war on humanity. Skynet is being compared to Google because of the absolute power that the internet company seems to have. Their company logo is “don’t be evil” which has the worrying implication that they could be if they so wished.

Google’s scanning of many publications to be used in their artificial intelligence program can be seen as a huge step forward for the machines. This along with the rise in virtual reality and development of sex robots, the direction of technology is certainly blurring ethical lines by crossing new frontiers daily.

Watch the robot beating the human test video here:


Featured image via By AlejandroLinaresGarcia – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0.

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