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China Is Having A Blast With This Trump Tweet Generator

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Twitter may be blocked in China, but that hasn’t stopped it from being hugely popular. And in the face of a President Trump who loves to talk smack about China, websites that let users generate fake @realDonaldTrump tweets have become a national sensation.

One such site was created by Beijing-based startup Jike. Within four days of Jike launching its @realdonaldtrump tweet generator, over one million fake Trump tweets had been made using the app.

Jike’s app lets users input up to 140 characters, and then transforms the words into a convincing snapshot of a Trump tweet, complete with 28,700 retweets and 119,000 likes.

Screengrab via Jike tweet generator

The fake tweets are mostly silly in nature, but some have been convincing enough to make people think Trump was trying to amend his strained relationship with China.

Screengrab via Jike tweet generator

Some of the more humorous tweets include:

— @realdonaldtrump’s “favorite boy band” is the South Korean group GOT7: “They are so cute!”

— @realdonaldtrump wants to buy a jianbing (typical Chinese street food) and wants Mexico to pay for it.

Screengrab via Jike tweet generator

Jike cofounder Lin Hang explained that, despite his controversial comments about China, Trump is a source of fascination and amusement for many Chinese citizens.

“Trump has an extremely iconic image. His Twitter content can easily spark conversations in China.”

The app may be nothing more than a blip in the history of internet fads, but it’s a welcome comic relief from the real @realDonaldTrump.

Want to try your hand at a Trump tweet? Check out Jike’s app to see if you can master the Führer-in-Chief’s tone.


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