Animal-Killing Veterinarian Killed By Animals (VIDEO)

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Luciano Ponzetto gained viral attention last year by posting a photo to Instagram with an endangered lion he killed. While this is horribly intolerable behavior, it isn’t quite groundbreaking. What is, however, is that he was a veterinarian. While most would claim this as great irony, Ponzetto would disagree.

Not morally nor professionally did Ponzetto see any contingency in paying to save animals in Italy and paying to kill them in Africa. The internet, however, disagreed. In response to his endless pictures proudly posing in front of leopards, rams, and boars, some people even arrived in mobs at his workplace, protesting.

The plot thickens. Last month, while on a bird hunt in his home country, Ponzetto slipped down a 100-foot ravine to his death. Some called it tragic. Some went as far to say it was karmic.

Whatever you want to call it, it’s dripping in irony.

Apparently, so is the entire sport of big-game hunting. You know the saying, “don’t hate the player, hate the game?” In the nature of big-game hunting, it’s the opposite. Adam Conover, host of truTV’s Adam Ruins Everything, claims that even though it’s a sport for assholes, it can do a lot of good for endangered species. Check out the clip below.

Featured image by daughter #3 via flickr, available under Creative Commons 2.0 Generic license.

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