Trump Just Linked The Most Powerful Twitter Account In The World To Gmail (TWEETS)

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President Donald Trump gained supporters by bringing up national security. His opponent, former Democratic Nominee Hillary Clinton, was found to have used a private email server for business purposes. That makes him a bit of a hypocrite though, thanks to some recent findings.

You’d think that tweeting your plans for global domination would make you secure your account better than the average Joe. Most people link their social media accounts with a basic email, such as Gmail. One wouldn’t expect a president, however, to secure it with something that’s fairly hackable.

Then again, most of us didn’t think we’d be suffering through a Trump presidency.

WauchulaGhost is an anonymous hacker who claims to have taken over “500 Islamic State accounts.” If you’ve ever forgotten your login credentials, the following screen should look familiar.

You don’t have to be a certified hacker to see it’s linked to Dan Scavino’s Gmail account, who is the White House Director of Social Media. Not a random name and government email, mind you. It’s pretty clear who it belongs to.

Filling in the letters is just the first step into hacking any email account. You’re then given a series of questions which can aid hackers into getting all of your information. In other words, be a bit more cryptic Mr. President.

It didn’t take him long to find email addresses most likely belonging to other important people, such as Vice President Mike Pence. Take a guess at who owns vi***************

If you guessed [email protected], you’re in line with WauchulaGhost. So much for anonymity and security.

Trump supporters yelled “Lock Her Up!” because Clinton used a private server, even though they barely found anything of value. Just some personal emails telling her assistant that she was up late at night.

It’s not as though she sent out information about beefing up our nuclear arms, which sends a big signal to other countries.

WauchulaGhost isn’t holding back.

Looks like Trump’s wife, Melania, isn’t too concerned about being hacked either.

Trump gave up his unsecured Android back on January 20 and is now using a phone with more encryption. While Pence’s email has been changed, Trump and Melania’s are the same.

Yet another reason to not be like the president.

H/T: Addicting Info

Feature Image: Screenshot Via Twitter

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