This Would-Be Thief Was Chased Off With A Soup Ladle (VIDEO)

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A man who ran into a Chinese restaurant in Brooklyn didn’t get the take out order he’d been wanting.

The New York Daily News reports that last Wednesday evening a man came into Chen’s Garden and pulled out a knife. He started to demand money, but he didn’t get very far.

The restaurant’s owner, Yan Lin, saw him coming and pulled out her own weapon. She grabbed a carving knife and threatened the man right back. She said:

I wasn’t scared. Maybe because I own the restaurant and I didn’t want him to take the money.”

Ms. Lin was determined to stop the man from getting over the counter in the front of the restaurant. She waved her knife and told him to get lost.

The gutsy restaurant owner was backed up by her cook, Liu Chun, who grabbed a ladle and began yelling and cursing at the crook.

When the thief turned and ran back out the door, Chun chased him with a restaurant stool, still yelling.

While Ms. Lin remained calm and determined, Mr. Chun was much more shaken. The restaurant stayed open for the rest of the evening, but he told the News that he’s worried about everyone’s safety, because the thief hasn’t been caught.

Police reported that the man had already robbed three other local businesses in the past few days, including a Taco Bell, a Dunkin’ Donuts and, earlier the same evening, a Baskin Robbins shop.

The unstoppable Ms. Lin warned the robber not to come back. She said:

We don’t only have knives, but we have hot oil. If I had thought about it, I would have poured the oil on him. I don’t want to hurt anybody. But don’t come (back).” 

Featured image by Jeremy Thompson via Flickr. (CC BY 2.0)

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